Getting Started: Ready To MobiWork?
Set Up Credit Card Payments Capture

To simplify, secure, and streamline the payment process, we've partnered with Clearent to allow you and your team to capture credit card payments on the web or mobile device.

Instead of taking a payment outside of MobiWork, then finding the necessary invoice to update, your invoices will be updated in MobiWork as soon as a transaction is processed. You can also process refunds directly in MobiWork.

You can also set up a Braintree connector to process payments. For more information about Braintree, please visit the Braintree page.

Setting Up the Clearent Account
  1. Visit

  2. Complete the "Connect With Our Team" form shown on screen and click Submit:

  3. After completing and submitting the form on this page, you'll be contacted by a Clearent representative to set up your account (usually within 1-2 business days).
    • Note: You'll need to wait to be contacted before you're able to proceed.

  4. Once your Clearent account has been set up, your unique API and Public Keys will be created. These will be used when integrating Clearent with MobiWork, outlined in the section below.

Integrating Clearent with MobiWork

Overview Video

Step by Step

  1. In your MobiWork account, navigate to Account > Account Settings:

  2. Select the Connectors tab and click on the Plus Sign:

  3. Next, scroll down to the Payment Processing section, locate Clearent and click Add Connector:

  4. Fill out the API and Public Keys with your unique keys provided by your Clearent Representative:

  5. Click Save.
Getting in Touch With Us

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please let us know. We'd be happy to help!